By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

So we are jumping on the Adele bandwagon to launch our music spotlight series. We have been trying to figure out how to develop a small piece to support many of the musicians that create the sounds of our lives, and well, although Adele certainly does not need our support, we are clinging on to her musical coat tails to launch what we hope will introduce you weekly to something or someone or some ones who are new, different and inspiring. We are hoping to introduce you to that lyrical poet that will open a new horizon and a new longing for a new path or settle you into the path you are in and add to the spice of your daily moments. She is certainly no up and comer, she is very much a staple of the new music scene and we are grateful for that.

I kept hearing so much about Adele that I somehow had decided to resist the need to listen, until I happen to watch her video for “Hello” and her soft gaze just mesmerized me, then her cooing soothed into my ears and I fell in love, with her music and her. The authenticity of her emotions and the simplicity of the lyrics is the incredible work of a Muse. I am very clear that the reason she is so loved as an artist is because she is an artist. Her fear of not being remembered allowed her to create songs that would reach into the depths of our beings so that we would wait for her art impatiently. There is something about her that makes me think that if I saw her somewhere, I could just go up to her and ask her anything, because it feels that she has already told me everything.