By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

So the Taco Trucks on every corner is the poetic rendition of how a community can take over another, that reminds me, that I would probably date someone from another community if she can cook. I am open to all types of foods, but they must be close to my palate. I see this food phenomenon taking over the world, just as hamburgers are fed to kids from all colors and ethnic backgrounds, I am seeing that also with Tacos and Chinese food. By the way, Chinese food did open my appetite to other amazing Asian cuisine, such as Pho, Pad Thai and Lumpia. I once confused Pupusas with Gorditas and PUN! (BOOM) my heart and mind opened to that community. So, yes Mr. Marco Gutierrez, the founder of Tontos for Trump…. sorry “Latinos for Trump,” may be unto something there. Tacos at every corner may be the key to this year’s election.  

Here is where things get real, Mr. “Tacoman” Gutierrez states, “my culture is a very dominant culture, and its imposing and its causing problems, if YOU don’t do something about it you are going to have taco trucks every corner.” Before I go on, here is their official website, The problem is not with the Taco truck statement, it seems that is one of the most ingratiating gifts the Latino community has made to this country, I would of thought it would have been the work done in the fields to bring healthy food to the table… but may be I miscalculated. The problem with his statement is that he is fearful or despises his own, the Latinos he claims to represent. So in essence he may be saying that he is willing to be repressed just so that the Taco Trucks are stopped on their tracks. His message to the world, “I need to be controlled or I will impose my self on others, I am willing to repress, give me the opportunity to repress those that like me, are looking for a better life. Now that I got mine, let’s build the wall.”

That Mr. Gutierrez has a right to say and campaign for who he feels best represents his interests and his morals, I would fight for that. That he does this because he feels the Latino community or any other community should be subservient to the majority community anywhere is problematic. His willingness to find fault with the US tradition of fighting for “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” even through a taco truck, is not his option to take. He represents the small-minded “caudillo” mentality under which many of the Latin countries he is attacking. The fact that unrepresented people are able to fight and willing to risk harm to make a better life for themselves is the “American” way. If he is a citizen of the United States, he skipped or ignored the classes in constitution. I wonder if he understands what he is saying when he recites the pledge of allegiance. If he doesn’t, he would not be different than many US born citizens who ignore it so that they can act predatorily toward those that share their country but they are uncomfortable with.