By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

There is no other reason to resist the ranting of the new president other than to save the soul of the United States of America. The focus on punishment and destruction is what any angry, confused despot does. The attempts to destroy every cabinet position that is supposed to protect all individuals from harm by those industry captains that has gained political power through financial success, is obvious. This administration is much more focused on making sure that those billionaires, owners of many of the enterprises that stand to gain financially by destroying their respective charges, are now in the position of destroying those gains made through struggle by the average Joe and Jane. It seem also that the administration is trying to keep those necessary for a post political career subject to them through providing opportunities for these folks to align those that would oversee and regulate their businesses to their business interests. No need for an economics degree or any experience to see the strategic maneuverings of a conquering mindset. Just review the ties of those that are running now the agencies that are supposed to be the representatives and protectors of the people.

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This administration has created many opportunities for many fringe groups and it has also rattled the senses of those that once believed that this country is the beacon of freedom and opportunity for those that would work for it. For many centuries the world has been sold on the idea that opportunity is the driving soul of the United States of America, unless you are colored. There are many instances of heroes that can be pointed out as exemplary citizens of color that have made a great difference in the lives of all citizens, but these were extraordinary folks with extraordinary gifts, those ordinary folks that could have done great things with some opportunities, are very rare indeed.

This country was built on cheap labor, folks of color, especially black folks were the free labor that the billionaire class now longs for. If they can pay everyone nothing, they perceive they can pay each other a premium to accomplish legendary things, whatever those things may be.

The situation in the white house is very much like a Greek Tragedy. We have a tragic figure that is so confused because he misunderstands what his actions mean to the people around him, if he does understand the consequences, than the people of the US have less time to respond. He has fed on adulation for so long, it has become his oxygen and those around him that are prodding his reactionary bouts of twitting know this. He is a vehicle that is serving the America that once catered to a very different set of values, one where they were the supreme voice, and everyone else was their slave.