By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

“Snowflake” seems to now be the latest code word used to attack “liberals” who are very unhappy with the Snowflake in the White House. The way it seems to work is that when asked for evidence for the comments or statements made by the alt-rignt (white supremacists) and their supporters, the alt-right (white supremacists) seem to feel attacking the sensibilities of those asking for an intellectual conversation is the best recourse. You have folks like Milo Yiannopolous, a gay immigrant, who create controversy by spouting comments that raise people’s internal alarms and causes them to react rather than respond. He will make outlandish comments and just watch folks try to recover their grounding. This type of shock rants allow for folks like Milo or the President and other white supremacists to create a cover for those truly damaging policies that they are now eagerly proposing and implementing.

There is no place for a Liberal, those open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values; (of education) concerned mainly with broadening a person’s general knowledge and experience, to take respite. The values of dignity of the others and especially of those most vulnerable are at this time being attacked. There is no question that what is now at risk is the ultimate subjugation of the “American” democratic values. The lies that are being explicitly presented are strategic and shocking. There is vast disdain on the truth and it will have an eroding consequence on the balancing efforts of the unique biosphere of this country. What is of course most shocking is the source of the lies, the executive branch, it is unnerving to hear the representative of the people say things that most folks should be able to refute, yet, his own party will not, either out of fear or out of opportunism.

It is crucial that all folks who care about the democracy denounce how quickly the governmental entities that are supposed to serve the people have been turned into a coup for the wealthy and the connected. This presidency is using strategic rope a dope scheme on its constituency so that they are not able to respond, until it is too late. The press, those that are supposed to catch this early on, refused to act on their gut, now that they are, are the first to feel the aggressive knife of a president bent on establishing his rule, not presidency, in a most dramatic and public manner. The most troubling aspect of these folks is that they are not looking for common ground, they do not care to compromise, you either accept their tyrannical requests or you will be branded a “Snowflake” which in the case of a folks that use all of their emotional might to “convince” others that some humans are okay to hurt, makes their bullying rhetoric, unacceptable and dangerous.

When confronted with these folks, and they are spewing their vitriol about others or you because they do not have an answer, engaging them in private wont change their mind, make sure you understand this. Those are moments to learn about their true intentions. Just listen and learn, this will also give you clarity on how to approach them and what you need to know to prepare for when you again meet them in public and they make the same claims. If you choose to respond, make sure you know that you are truly speaking to those around you, not to them. Folks like Milo do this because it works for them, it makes their life better, ok at Bannon, he is now in the white house. So don’t focus on convincing them that they are wrong, you need to focus on helping those around them understand who these folks really are, and your example will help them engage others. This will also wake up to the fact that they are not the norm, but do have a place in the democratic society they want to destroy. However, we do not have to play this gutter game.