The Pitch Conference, possibly the most popular event of the market, it is worth the cost of a whole week for the badge, it is the moment where the rubber meets the road, its when preparation meets opportunity, and if you think you know, that is the place to test and/or observe what is necessary to stop someone on their tracks, and get them to ask questions about your project because of how you shared the story with passion, conviction and authenticity.

Cassian Elwes, who is always a strong presence at the American Film Market, gives the most authentic advise that will create the opportunity for those that have no experience on how to present to a potential producer or investor. One thing for sure, you must believe in the project that you are presenting. Your passion is the ingredient that they are most looking for. Passion will translate into an unstoppable energy that can eviscerate obstacles and ignite the folks that will be working to create the story. If you are going to tell a story, you must become a storyteller and although some view it as a talent, it is a craft and one must understand the difference of literary talent and storytelling talent.

The AFM Pitch Conference is moderated by Pilar Allesandra and has become a very attractive centerpiece because of the practical advise dispensed by the panelists. Many newcomers to this industry and also veterans have been given new insight into why their projects may not have been responded to as enthusiastically as they created it. The feedback from this conference has helped many filmmakers realign their presentations, their pitch, so that it showcases the passion they have for it and describes the story in a manner that engages and moves the listener. This conference demonstrates every year the power of the spoken word and since it is such a high stakes moment, it helps the creators understand how they are in many cases the best and at times, the only champion for their vision.