By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

The call for going back to a better time is an opportunity to get a history lesson of what has been happening in the past. As the demographic changes impact our country and in general our world, it would be important to mention that as folks prefer to move forward, it should be considered an olive branch of forgiveness of the atrocities the dominant cultures have inflicted in those that are different than them.


When folks long for a better time, they seem to be referring to a time when they, personally, had less responsibilities, a childhood that they experienced free of the worries many of those subjugated under laws designed and implemented to control them was a “better time.”

The lack of compassion from some of these angry folks is creating a powerful backlash from those that are also investigating their own history and they are learning the challenges and atrocities their families experienced at the hands of those that wanted to keep their way of life.

Nostalgia of a time gone by is part of the crafted TV shows that provide “evidence” of a time when all “Americans” were enjoying great abundance and experiences. How ever, those stories that were excluded are generally not included, because then they would have to include a much darker story that would give us a peek behind a society that is more hateful than the one celebrated;

The “Make America Great Again,” crowd is highly influenced by memories that are disconnected from the other stories that were happening at the same time, but are generally segregated from the feel good stories that are being created by those that want an “America” they can still manipulate and control.

The stories that they want to ignore of segregation, racial violence, misogyny are not included because they do not want to expose that part of the reason they are at times violently pushing back include those that would easily expose the true motive of their angst, loss of control and loss of preferred status, and they will fight for it.

Here is the other side of the story;

The challenge for the new face of “America” is going to be a simple one, be more compassionate and be smart, divided you will fall.