By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Choosing to be politically correct has helped me. It’s my need to keep out of the hospital, keep relationships with those I disagree fervently and to expand my perception and experiences with people others won’t interact with. Being a considerate person, or you can call it “PC”, I am also polite to folks smaller than me and also children. I blame my grandparents, and also my weak parents for always telling me that I should be polite for many reasons, including that I would be healthier, what rubbish. I am now a PC machine. In other words, I am diplomatic. This has given me the opportunity to influence those that would otherwise not listen to me, and the dangerous part, as some would consider, is that others that I did not agree with have also influenced me.

All of these movements to separate people based on their ethnicity or color, and many other things that make us different, come from the lack of sustained interaction with each other. We just do not “suffer” each other. Belligerence and self-aggrandizement has become the cornerstone of our society to the detriment of those that consider the collective conscious to be a way for humanity to survive.

Brexit has the definite characteristics of what is happening in the US but only at a very basic level, there is a group of folks that feel they are not being heard and that experts are making choices that do not consider their needs. This is in generally true of what is happening throughout the world. Now that those who feel disenfranchised have found a voice and the power to coalesce, there is an opportunity for others to also see whom these folks and their intentions are. These folks have found a voice and are leaning on each other. The danger lies in their unwillingness to consider those that disagree with them because they are different from the group.

The writing is on the wall for those elites, intellectual or financial, that are driving the economy through the use of legal and militaristic opportunism and continue to separate themselves from those that actually do the day to day work but because those workers do not have any intellectual property or copyright property protection over what they produce, they are paid what these “job creators” prefer, which is almost nothing.


The romantic notion of being the owner of a little bit of land to make sure the family has a roof over their heads and grow some food so that they can eat, has become commoditized as it was before populists movements, starving and angry folks, decided it was enough. This lack of compassion and action to rectify or address the gap in quality of life has created a marginalized society that will take up pitchforks, through the electorate at this time, in order to retain or gain back some control of their daily life. We all want a better life, but with out conversations across all aspects of wealth, which is what this is about, we will be back in the feudal ages very quickly.