By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Father’s Day…. How do you celebrate it? Who do you celebrate? Unlike mother’s day, this day is a bit more complicated. Less than 50% of children live with two married parents in their first marriage, so this makes it a bit complicated for the rest. As we celebrate the other half of our identity. What makes a father? We all want to say that its beyond DNA, but if that step father that you love so much somehow ends up divorcing your mother, it will more than likely the end of that relationship.


By looking at what is good; positive actions that cemented a relationship, keeping a roof over their head, getting them to school, providing their daughter and sons with the opportunity to pursue opportunities, their education, their career, their dreams, it’s a lot to ask from a person who is probably still trying to figure out who they are and what their dreams are. By loving their mother and showing that through actions and respect, even if the marriage is no longer or never was. Now here we are, celebrating a relationship that can be bountiful. Your father can be your co-conspirator, advisor, moneylender (who most likely knows he is not getting that money back), and your pillar.

Fathers can be the foundation for a great life or life of struggle and mourning. Discussing their work and/or their business life gives us our first glimpse into a world we are excited to enter blindly, adulthood.

As we look at the men who are fully engaged in their kids life when ask them how their child is, they will say, “well “Ashley/Jose” is just being herself/himself, then they will go into a story of some incident that at the end brought them concern or pride.

Let’s celebrate those that are present and trying to be the best father’s they can be, and help those that are struggling to accept that responsibility and be better.

Happy Father’s Day!