By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

What does “Creed” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” have in common; they are about family. What makes the Rocky sequel so electrifying is that the character is very real. Especially to those that have struggled their whole life with identity, which means, “Creed” has a huge audience.

Although we see that Adonis is now living a successful life, we realize soon enough that there is some serious healing that he needs to go through, what makes it somewhat of a fictional narrative is how much support he has from very healthy, well adjusted adults. It is very telling to see what happens when young people can accomplish when the right support is available for them. He finds a strong, admirable woman who stands in her own right and stands up for herself when he crosses the line. His “UNC” just happens to be the well-loved and recognizable champion Rocky Balboa, and his mother loves him in spite of the very painful betrayal by her late husband, Apollo Creed. This kid has all the emotional support he needs in order to fight the demons that haunt him because so many folks love him. May be this should be a follow up to “Stand and Deliver,” when people believe in you, the world’s noise will fade away.

“Creed” is fast paced, action packed and profoundly moving. The most exciting part of the film, is that it is being told from the perspective of a young man who could easily be dismissed because of what he has rather than who he is. He is the representation of those who are hurting and why as a society we need to find a way to provide healing through expression and guidance. Accepting that someone is broken and allowing them to self-destruct, as long as they do not hurt us, has been a mantra that does not work, jails are full of these young folks. Our response when they “turn on us” is vengeance or at best revenge.