By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

Every one has made mistakes in their life, some are personal and private, some, are public and foolish. The personal and private ones; hurting a person during a romantic relationship, damaging a friend through foolish comments or betrayal, those leave serious marks, but they are generally battles you fight on your own, or with the help of friends, family or a shrink and with time and effort, you will possibly be able to recover and hopefully become a better person. I said generally, so let it go.

If you however, are not able to pay a parking ticket, don’t show up to court for a moving violation, because you are too scared or can’t afford the casual manner which folks are now financially punished, well, guess what? Good luck. Most common mistake folks make is avoidance. We have been taught to fear anything that may cause us harm, especially when it comes to mistakes we make that involve the law, regardless of our intention, because we do not understand the legal environment we live in. We have been taught to fear, rather than embrace the very essence of where we draw our well being. Many think that this is a lawless society because of the loud screams of those that want to engender an environment of fear and anger, many of these folks want you to believe that you live in a place where ALL, not just some unhinged lunatics, are coming after you. I understand that there are many issues with our legal enforcement units, but, if people unify, they are still able to address some of the injustices. The fear that has been imbued into our consciousness is that same fear that some tyrannical psychopaths are using now in their campaigning, and are encouraging us to look at every thing from the point of view of fear. Their most effective rhetoric usually begins and ends with … what if? Well, that needs to be challenged. This video is a great education tool that would allow for most folks to at least demystify the law. Its not legal advice, it is a window for awareness.

As I sat with my friend, he was truly terrified to make the calls to address his situation before this coming new year. He wants a fresh start. His worst situation was a moving violation he did not show up to court for. The most deplorable aspect of his situation, was that he had very little money to address the situation, but as we started going online and making calls, the folks on the other side were compassionate and he was able to make a down payment and to stop a warrant that was out for him because of the failure to show.

As he spoke through his fears, my first reaction was to just start making calls, and he turned ashen, and started to look like he was about to faint. I mentioned that I had no other way to be able to help, and I told him that things were going to be alright, but his stare made me doubt it. I started feeling anxious so I asked him to let me call a Sheriff friend of mine to see what she would recommend, that was it, he almost vomited. My Sheriff friend reminded me that there is such thing as due process, the government must follow some rules although TV Shows and Films are not exactly reassuring, in general, these folks are just too busy to deal with you if you have not committed a major crime. Too many scenarios played through our heads as we finally made some calls. Well, thank goodness, I was right. Most folks from the DMV to the collection agencies, to the online set up by the LA Courts was friendly enough so that he can start resolving issues that will take a burden off his back.