By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

There is terrible virus that is infecting many men who are too terrified to accept a new reality and it is spreading among toxic males of all cultures, communities and ethnicity. These toxic men are trying to exert their influence through social media by attacking people and events they feel they can stop or sidetrack through intimidation. They are especially trying to exert their financial influence by attacking stories that would expand the world past their experiences, as with “Captain Marvel,” they spread lies and character assassinations as both a dog whistle to reach those of their ilk and try to give them a reason so that they can also get in formation to damage those stories they do not agree with. The world is really a place these toxic men regard as their oyster and will do anything to make sure this does not change. These trolls know that they are on the wrong side of history, but for them, fear and anger is part of how they function daily, and a strategy to survive in a world that sees them for who they are, relics of a time that should have never been.


What these toxic trolls do know for sure is that films, especially those like Captain Marvel, make a difference. They reach a new generation and empower those that would otherwise feel unrepresented and provide new role models that encourages them to be who they are and swipe away reasons to be fearful and encourages them to be more who they can be. Picture the influence of Michelle Obama, Alejandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg and Bree Larson, and Bree now gets superpowers and a cape, and these toxic men are losing their testosterone.

It’s impossible to overestimate the type of dreams these films can inspire and the type of resilience these stories, both the real story of Bree Larson and the character she plays in “Captain Marvel,” can seed in the hearts of youth. There are way too many anecdotes from adults and youth about how visual stories can expand the idea of equity and equality in the face of misogyny and racism, and like with “Black Panther,” buying a ticket is an act of defiance. See you at the movie, and yes, I do love the streaming services, but the movie theater experience is also one worth your patronage, and don’t forget get a popcorn and a soda, the staff needs a raise and you provide that opportunity with your cash vote.