By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

The central theme in this story is family, the type that close friendships and strong bonds that are developed through conflict and close quarters. The type of friendship that does not allow people to easily walk away and abandon those that may be in peril. The highly orchestrated maneuvers and actions executed by the crew and its leaders are not those that come about through training, they come about through mutual experiences under harsh and rough circumstances.

This Star Trek is visually stunning and its also fan, although cheesy. Idris Alba, Krall, is fantastic. His portrayal of a tormented villain carries the story through its cheesy moments and helps overshadow the moment when Mr. Sulu is outed in a very classy and classic scene.

The attraction of the Star Trek movies will continue to grow because the characters are very human and the world they live in seems to be within our grasp. With the discovery of new planets, in the real world, and the launch of Space X, we may finally be catching up to the dreams of the 18 year old young woman who first defined Science Fiction, Mary Shelley.