Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

There are tremendous injustices that seem to be continuously excused or justified through dismissiveness or our lack of understanding of how we understand and see each other.

As the demographic changes in the United States and the world advance, there are more claims of “reverse racism.” Some folks open their conversations with, “well if a (person of color) would say what I just said to me, that would be okay?” We have a tremendous lack of understanding on how we work and how we develop compassion. We also seem to have developed national amnesia of the aggressions suffered at the hands of those in power, political and/or financial. Although it seems that our very nature is to feel the suffering of our siblings, but we are not so compassionate to others outside of our immediate family, we learn to disdain each other because of the lack of resources. We must embrace each other, or we will destroy each other.


If we keep on viewing the others as a separate group because of color, religion, ethnicity or gender, we will not see each other as the individuals that are very similar to us and deserve our respect.  Enhancing these differences will continue to divide us and we will continue hurting each other under the pretense of survival. As we learn to live with each other, we must continue to learn to interact and converse with each other so we can “discover” our humanity. We should stereotype each other as good and as worthy.

We are living at a time when we must learn to expand our compassion past our immediate group. We must start being very introspective and recognize how we view others, and why. We have no choice or we will destroy our communities because we will see each other as threats, and this will continue to expand the reach of those that benefit from our lack of compassion for each other. We must judge each other as individuals worthy of our respect. We must be consciously non-racists, non-misogynistic, and fully consciously egalitarian. We need to remember that although there are people that execute abhorrent and cruel actions, that is a minority.

We are in a new age, we have found other planets that have a good chance of maintaining life, and there is a group that is now developing space travel. Soon, by the next century, most people will realize that we are no longer limited to this world, so we should begin to shift our mind and hearts to each other’s well being or we will face each other in a galactic struggle. That is no longer a science fiction story, but a real possibility.