By, Karl A. Quintero-Guan, Guest Writer. – Karl is a 4h Grader who enjoys music, swimming and baseball.

Today I am going to talk about the Ghostbusters movie. This is basically about a psycho who has been bullied his whole life, and wants to unleash the dead on the living.  Erin, Abbey, Holtzman, and Patty try to stop him. With new gear like the shredder, the pistols, and ghost bomb are more powerful than the original GB (Ghostbusters).  The psycho man creates a vortex with ghosts coming out of it.

My favorite character is Patty, because she is funny, and she screams a lot. She has the shredder, which is a really awesome weapon. The gross thing is that it turns ghosts into nothing but goo.  She is scared a lot, and if I saw a mannequin moving, I’d freak out. It is really hard to stay calm while a dragon ghost is on your back. She is pretty funny at the subway, the rock concert, and when they are fighting the ghosts that are coming out of the portal.  

I am not afraid of the Ghostbusters movie, even though my dad teases me about being scared. I am just saying if I was in the movie, I would be scared.  My opinion of the movie was awesome, action packed, and funny.  There were some curse words in the movie like the bird, hell, and I think they said s–t.

Pg-13 was an okay rating, but I don’t worry too much when someone does a bad thing, because, I’ve heard worse from my dad. Don’t get me wrong, my dad is a nice guy, uses bad words in the family, but not in public.  He wouldn’t use curse words in front of my friends, so I guess he is okay. I don’t know about anybody else who thinks it is inappropriate, but I think it is an okay movie.

I have to say, I love the movie, and I hope everybody else will agree with me.  I loved it so much that I watched it two times, and I recommend that you bring your family to see it.  You’ll love it!  🙂