By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Roseanne Barr gets a call from Trump after the new iteration of her show airs, gets the relaunch of her show renewed after the pilot and even Dan, played by John Goodman is resurrected. What a Hollywood story, one that follows money, large audience means more advertising dollars, regardless of the message it puts out because they are producing a valuable product, which is more important to the networks, regardless of the message it sends.

The trailer does not answer one question; who is us?

At a recent screening, Sara Gilbert, who plays her daughter and is responsible for the return of the show, mentioned to the audience that one of the episodes in which Dan referred to undocumented immigrants, the room battled over the choice of the word to use for undocumented residents, illegal or undocumented. The fact that this choice caused a heated conversation in the writer’s room is a hint of who their audience is, at the end, they decided to use “illegal” because it would be one that Dan Conner would use as a blue collar man. So in a world where on a show designed by Shonda Rhymes, the character, would have to evolve by the end of the season, in Roseanneland, there is no such evolution in 20 years. That is the choice the creators and showrunners have made, to include the bigoted and racist tendencies of the shows main actor so that they can give voice to their celebrity president to a group that is still angry and confused about the difficult situations they find themselves in and give them a target, those that do not look like them. A new book by conservative writer J.D. Vance, “Hillbilly Elegy” about his upbringing in Appalachian values give us a hint of why some of these folks are ripe for Roseanne politics.

The clips we were shown at the screening depicted a Dan and Roseanne struggling with their young grandson choices to dress in dresses and their worry that he is going to be bullied because he is choosing to be different. So their love for him overrides their prejudice out of family love, which seems to not expand past her tribe.

So, if Rosseanne speaks to the MAGA voters, that means that the purpose of this show is to paint a much broader picture that justifies the prejudice, racism, misogyny and violence that has now become a more open consequence of their political choice and personal values. The difficult part is always the ‘you are an outsider” message that the show sends out to those that do not agree with her choice of leader or ethnic background. 

Folks are being killed, families are being torn apart, and worst of all, people keep looking past them as they suffer the consequences of living in what these folks seems to prefer, a white “christian” nation, where we will take care of ours, but if you offend us just by being different, you better watch out if they find you because the laws are now a weapon.