By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor

“Did you see the news? Do they really think we are that stupid? No one is that incompetent, the escape was organized by government insiders out of fear or out of greed, but it shows us that Mexico has some serious issues with its public servants, they do not care about the safety of its people.” The conversation was about the escape from a maximum-security prison in Mexico by “El Chapo” Guzman. One of the deadliest cartel leaders in the world. His empire was built on severe violence and by bribing the poor in the areas where he operates to keep them quiet because there is no other way for them to carve an existence for themselves.

The fascination by folks all over the world with “El Chapo” comes from the nature of his ability to impersonate the most beloved and used word in the Mexican lexicon, “el chignon.” His ability to walk away from the government twice and elude the fate of other Capos in the same circumstances gives him the illusion of a man that is just irrepressible and invincible.

His ability to, this time, ride away in a motorcycle, again, is very suspicious and in many ways very telling of the incompetence of a government that claims to be doing all possible to return peace to the people of Mexico. The government of Mexico, in all its forms, is now fully suspect. To those that are honestly trying to change the current crisis of violence in Mexico, this is a very dangerous time, as “El Chapo” is not known for his forgiveness.