By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

Greta Thunberg has become the beacon of activism for youth. Although her focus is climate change, her message is much broader, act rather than talk. She acted on her integrity and her love for earth and her concern for a world that is being abandoned by a twisted mentality in current administrations all over the world. Fear has become the collective emotional tool used to intimidate people into paralysis and those that are most affected are the children. Sidelining science as a tool for preparation, repair and ultimately survival, is placing humanity on a course to extinction, earth will be fine, it will become a place for other species to thrive in, but humans will struggle to survive thanks to the lack of will and action of those we trusted with the resources to make a difference.

It seems unclear why governments are not taking a serious stand against the destruction of the environment and in some cases, such as here in the US are preferring to roll back those safety precautions that will allow humans to be able to at least exist while we try to resolve the mess we have caused. A possible reason politicos do nothing about some of the most serious challenges to our humanity is that those who are benefiting financially from the crisis are not willing to let go of the profits their are now making and the politicos fear more for their position than their integrity. Those that are now trying to expand their hold on their financial riches without regard for the damage being caused to the environment are ignoring the facts and seem to be in sync with the NRA when they encourage “thoughts and prayers.”

The youth are very clear on what is happening. They know they are being betrayed by a political community whose ties to a business community seem to be more important than the future of the children marching. A business community that pays lip service to the challenges being faced but continue to pursue and create opportunities focused on the financial bottom line, regardless of the consequences to the human community.

These youth are ready and hungry for guidance and leadership and since adults have abdicated that and institutional leaders seem to not care or are too caught up on the nefarious relationships formed, business or personal, they have decided to do what they feel needs to be done and strike out on their own, to save themselves and us. Miss Thunberg does not want our praise, she wants adults to do what they are supposed to do, protect the children and their environment.