By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor

It is hard to find a job, especially one you want and one that you will grow in. One must always remember that those opportunities are there for the growth of the business you are being hired to work for. What is the price you agree to in order to give up your calling? There should be a disclosure to the recruit that states; “now that we have hired you, remember, you are not here to fulfill your dream, or follow your path, you are here to make sure this business, which does not belong to you, make money for its owners.”

Most folks are in shock when they are fired or laid off or just kicked to the curb when the company they work for most of their lives decides that they are no longer necessary. Why is this a shock? Business owners have been able to create many go to excuses so that they can make as much money as they can off the people that work for them, ever hear “it’s just business?” There are no solutions to this situation there are only options and the best one is to start your own business. Don’t quit what you are now doing, but start taking the opportunity to see what you really enjoy to do and learn to market it. Develop a skill set that you already have and sell it.

Now that sounds like some idealistic crap you would hear from the crazy uncle who just can’t seem to succeed so he keeps telling you about the latest…. “Opportunity.”
Well, okay, may be so, but there are tools you need to know about, and they are just legal tools that will help you with establishing a legal business that gives you some protection as you move to the world of self-employed and constantly stressed.

So what should you do first? Well, visit sites that are the source from the government that will be monitoring and supporting your efforts. Yes, you can either believe that big g’vment is against you or that they are there to serve you, I want to believe the second. Here is a link that should answer some questions,

In California the LLC initial filing is around $70, once its accepted then you must follow up with the form that will allow you to get an assigned Tax Id Number, the filing cost is around $20. Once your legal entity is ready for you, make sure you have a bank account that at least has $800 per year for taxes if you sell nothing. Take a look at this link, Now remember if you have any questions, I would suggest you call the entities directly. The Board of Equalization can be a great asset and they are on your side. Also, call the Tax Franchise Board and ask them guidance. Don’t be afraid to call these folks and also don’t be in a hurry, this is not a get quick rich scheme. Good luck on this adventure and join me on mine.