By, Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Religion and the law conspire to create more opportunity for the Trump administration to bully and denigrate children and victims of circumstance. All of the people that have come to this country at some point and time were victims of circumstance created by other people looking to benefit regardless of the cost. At its inception, some decided that this country should be taken from those that originally inhabited it and appropriate its land for commercial use for the benefit of their families. Their fear used hate as a propellant to accept and eventually enjoy the violence brought to the native citizens and those they eventually cruelly trafficked in order to create the type of world they wanted and that they dominated, and they used the same Biblical passage that Jeff Sessions used and Sarah Sanders pushed and Trump was happy to propose to the world. Sanders also used the same technique that the administration uses in general to silence the critics; insults to shame, and the need for the folks to have access. Are Univision, Telemundo or any other non-English outlets still part of the white house press corp?

We are now in the second stage of the expansion of tyranny in a world where we are now being told that “outsiders” do not belong here because “I” deserve everything this country offers, regardless of the legacy of cruelty it brought rained down on those that the new “citizens” hated because they were different. That legacy has a history of violence against the others, and its most cruel events were visited against those that they dehumanized and abused for free labor. There is too much evidence that those that hate “different” are now again controlling the narrative and the actions of a legal system that had over centuries began to give respite to those that have been at the end of its whip.

Who is to blame? All of us, because many of us are just shaking our heads and “going about their business.” There are those that are jubilant and they are displaying it everywhere. They attack folks at restaurants, in the streets, driving, etc,… and some that are supposed to “protect and defend” will use their sense of control and their anger to hurt, maim or kill those that they want vengeance against. People will praise and enable those that will, in their perception, give them what they are hoping for, and many feel that this administration will empower them to act out their hatred and it has. They have very sophisticated and able folks on their side, just as other authoritarian political regimes have.

We have arrived at a crossroad where children are being incarcerated, they are being ripped off parent’s arms, and people are just shaking their heads and sitting down, just as many have done before through the injustices that have been done to people in this land of the free. The US will get through this, I believe that in the long term the compassionate spirit will overtake the hatred that has been gathering over the decades that have embraced that we are all created equal, the question is what will we do to make sure this does not happen again and how do we address the injustices that are being done now, by people that are claiming that the Bible and the constitution not only allows them to be evil, but demands it.