by Hipolito Munoz, Managing Edtor/Publisher

Opening an investigation into the allegations that the president may have committed a crime is exactly what the balance of powers is about. The most effective tool for oppression is fear. The opposite of love is not hate, its fear. It’s the continuous uncomfortable feeling to speak truths because some people are dangerous and will cause pain to the person and to their family. Silence is the disease that oppression creates.

The current administration berates, attacks, mocks, dismisses and creates emergency situations so that people are consumed by what could be disastrous results to them or their family. This type of actions can lead to the development of fear and to the desired outcome, paralysis. Those that are being constantly attacked and those close to them will eventually just stay silent because they do not want to experience those situations or because they develop a fatalistic view, acceptance of the fear and the lack of action it embodies.

As the call for investigation for wrong doing was proposed and now moving forward, those protecting the actions of the administration and the administration itself aggressively put forward what other regimes have used to confuse, scare and dismiss the discovery of possible malfeasance as they move forward to institutionalize a different type of governance that is much more in accordance to the beliefs of those in power and that will allow the institutional government to carry out what it feels should be done, regardless of what people think or want.

As the investigation for impeachment moves forward, folks misunderstand what it means and passions flare. Investigation for impeachment means that they are researching if a crime was committed, and and if so to present formal charges. It does not mean that they will remove the president; it just means that the investigation to see if the allegations are true. It allows for the president to prove that he did nothing wrong, and this process of investigation is an opportunity for all to see, for transparency. The administration is made up of public officials, and in a democratic state, it is for the people to see that there is nothing happening that would endanger their freedom or to act if the accusations happen to be true.

The parade of folks that are appearing in front of the congress gives insight on how the administration works. There is an ideology of allegiance not to the country, but to the administration and the one question that is stopping them from fully manipulating the process is the allegiance question; do these public servants have allegiance to the nation or to the president? And the necessity of this question to be asked should remind us of the type of danger the democracy of this country is in.