By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

There is no rational explanation why a man would kill his fellow humans, other than pure hate for others and himself. There are many reasons we can use to speculate. I am not going to explore them here. What I do know, is that we have been very lax in helping our communities create compassionate individuals. We have also failed to call in to accountability those that represent a small group of hate mongers. Their motto seems to be: If you do not do as I do, think as I think, feel as I feel, you should be killed. Many of these folks seem to go to their places of worship to add fuel to this fire.

How did we get here? It has always been there. Through out this world’s history we have been killing each other. Some want to subjugate, some want to live free. Living free does come with a price, and that is why we must think about and develop strategies and actionable tactics that will help us live together, in peace. Unfortunately, some people need the thrill of danger and miss a culture of violence because to them they are tools to establish authority and control. Systems break down constantly, and because they do, we must keep a vigilant eye on those that are in power. Why did that monster murder all those folks in Orlando? Because he hated them and felt the support of many who are not praising him directly, but are justifying this horrible murderous spree.

One of those vitriolic walking demagogues is seeking this power. He is very aware of the hate he spews, he means to be insensitive so that those that support him see him as a real representative of their views. We are in a moment where racists, misogynists, anti-equality demagogues feel encouraged and safe to state their hatred, and act on their emotional acid. The zombies have been coming out of their caves, now they are stepping into the sunlight. It is not okay that innocents suffer so we need to make sure its addressed.