By, Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Yes, Rogue One, the new Star Wars Prequel offering is fun and worth ever dollar of $14.50 spent. It had fantastic action scenes, very cinematic establishing moments, the acting was superb and the world was much more on par with the world we live in. There are arguments that Rogue One is very relevant to what is happening now in the US, its not, it’s a story and many folks are unwilling to look past their own world to help others and the US has not fallen into the deep hate that drives the Star Wars universe. It is however beginning the second face of the hatemongers that have invaded the media platforms under the guise of entertainment. However, we must be careful to not give more credit to science fiction/fantasy than it deserves.

What it does is give everyone watching it a relevant stake in the story. The characters are fighting for freedom, most because they have no other choice and some, as the story depicts, because rebellion can also be very secretive, long serving and effective. The story is about what you allow yourself to believe, what choices you make and whom you align yourself with. What is most relevant and most innocuous are the different accents heard in the story. They are representations of the languages that are spoken throughout this world and they are spoken elegantly and with the most honorable purpose in mind, to bring freedom to themselves and their families, to allow them the choice to live as they feel they can. It celebrates the quote Benito Juarez, Former President of Mexico, spoke; “Between individuals, as between nations, peace means respect for the rights of others.” The most celebrated and vilified word in our current situation is “Hope,” and rightly so, because it has become a symbol of expectations and of deception, however, it is most personal when we ask, what are individuals doing to find hope. Rogue One, is the incarnation of that individual that finally sees that we need each other to bring the results that hope promises us, but only if all of us develop the compassion to include all of us.