By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

We are hurting because we keep hurting others. We are in a cycle of revenge and hate. We generalize because we are frustrated and we attack those that we perceive represent those that have hurt us and so we lose our moral center and break the commandments that we are supposed to follow as a Christian nation, we are at a moral impasse and we are losing our foundation and our sense of moral rectitude as a nation. We have now been discovered to be willing to allow our anger and our fear to rule over our sense of judgment. We have been able to use our “free-will” to create chaos and violence in a world that has never been fully at peace with itself. But hasn’t that been the case since the inception of this great experiment of a nation? Mankind has failed in the opportunity to pursue its best self, we will continue losing that opportunity as we are now regressing back to a time of reckless emotional violence from organized governments and from individuals who have lost all sense of hope that their lives are a gift.

At this very moment we are dealing with impulsive, childish leaders who are willfully exploiting circumstances that can continue to enrage those that suffer from the violence created by a sinister group of cynics who are willing to burn civilizations up in order to gain the riches they perceived will come with such a feat. The embracing of fear, indifference and cruelty as a compass for decision-making and strategic tools, will bring with it a very high prize to all our cultures. What is the cause of all the violence? There are many answers and questions that we are still not asking, but lack of compassion for others is very high on the list. We are willing to observe others suffering of hunger, disenfranchisement and other ailments that need a human touch in order for them to be relieved. We have begun to destroy our own because they do not share with us a perceive sense of sameness, but again, we were given free-will and as we act against our own survival, we will look back at many moments and regret not managing our emotions.

The need for dominance seems to be the driving force on a world that would be impossible to conquer as a whole. The more one side attacks the other, the more violence will be brought to the innocent individuals who just want to live their daily life, but this may be at the core of the challenge. Some folks blissfully thrive in a world filled with abundance and opportunities to find their own center, while many others suffer an existence that many would find disgusting and below them. Compassion is the only way we are going to heal a world filled with confusion and ire, but don’t expect the chosen leaders to exercise that solution, they may not get reelected.