By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

So here we go again, but this time my question is; how do we justify seeing people beheaded, thrown off building, cultural history destroyed, children massacred and women dehumanized and raped? Why did we wait for the asylum to not only be run by the lunatics but also systematized and publicized for all of us to see, and we still did nothing? The image of children fleeing, starving, crying did nothing for many but entertain them as if this was a video game or a science fiction movie, at best a documentary that made us feel bad until we went to get a coffee.

I am certainly not a Pacifist, but I am also not a warmonger. I am also not sure how much more evidence we need to see that these folks, Islamic State/Daesh, are twisted and demented. They may be intelligent in their strategy and smart in their decisions and certainly cunning in their propaganda, which is exactly what makes them so dangerous. As proven by the Paris attacks, and many other attacks around the world, distance will not keep us safe. Our philosophy is exactly what makes them angry and not one person who disagrees with the brutality they show case will live to converse with them if they do not get stomped out of existence. This is not a fight against Islam, it is a fight against those that are psychopathic zealots who use religion, any religion, to satisfy their base need for cruelty and violence.

We must be ever so vigilant that we do not allow racists and misogynists to usurp the work we have ahead. We must be willing to check people who will be opportunistic in their language and violent with their words. Otherwise, we will be debasing ourselves.

I am sad for the world. However, I am angrier and disappointed at us for allowing ourselves to create a wall around our hearts for those suffering at the hands of criminals. The question we must ask is; why did we allow this?