Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

Trump political rallies = gathering for violent racists. His appearance in SNL created a great opportunity for those that are now acting out their anger and fear to feel that they are in fact the mainstream and that they can act with impunity how ever they feel. There may be a moment when folks might be able to connect the dots between those beatings that Latinos and Blacks are exposing themselves to at his rallies and those criminals that fired into the Black Lives Matter rally happening in Minneapolis.

Trump is now a stooge of the criminals that are fearful of any change that they have no chance of stopping. Foolishly do we just ignore and continue to fawn and even worse, laugh and dismiss, Trump as a moneyed old fool on a silly quest for the power to change and execute the laws of the United States. I hope you all read accurately. These racist violent followers are proposing and propelling Donald Trump because they feel he can be compelled or maneuvered, even that is not his intention, to create an apartheid like regime in this country, basically making full circle.

Since his run for the presidency started, he tested the waters to see who would respond to his twisted message and he has been finessing his message so that he now reaches a group that feels disenfranchised but still powerful enough to execute injustices and have people turn the other way. There seems to have been no follow up on both folks that were physically attacked at his rallies and the only message that seems to come out is that they should be thankful nothing more happened to them, and we seem to be content with that.

We need to be more vigilant and more outspoken, there is a danger that our silence will be taken as approval.