Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Can we say that the evidence of an incompetent and confused president is now in full exposition? He hires those that he feels the same him about the people they are supposed to serve and those that are indebted to him so he can try and keep control now and after he is out of office. He is not a skilled or smart man, his sense of hubris comes from the way his money convinces people to work with him. He targets those that could use a helping hand and need a lifeline, personally or their business. Those that voted for him, saw him immediately for what he was, one of them, angry and confused and ready to destroy those that they felt were at fault for their situation. He is now in the most important post in the world, in charge of some of the most technically advanced and best trained troops and civil servants the world has ever seen, but he has no idea how to lead them, because he is not a leader, he is a spokesperson. He was a catastrophe waiting to happen, and it is happening now, and people are dying. Is this planned, or is it the consequences of ineptitude.

There is much speculation of how we got here, but the question is, how do we pass through this valley of darkness in our history or is this the end of the land of the free and the home of the brave, what do we do? May be by listening to the folks that founded this country, as they understood that this idea of a nation was much more than who they were and what they were experiencing at their moment in history. May be they were much more idealistic and Pollyanna than we expect them to be. May be they did see this situation and set about some actionable items that would help us roll through it and conquer it so that we would be able to get to the promised land, what ever that is, but everyone should benefit from it. May be this is what they intended, a nation for folks that looked like them, regardless of their faith and closer to their beliefs, may be people of color were supposed to just be subjugated and controlled at the pleasure of folks who owned them. May be the last bastion of power is being revealed, financial and political control through manipulation and through intimidation… for sure those folks killing and marching against diversity are not just having an anxiety attack, they are scared and they are looking to this administration to cover their violent actions.

The response from those responsible for this hate is to deny and attack. They deny that they are racists, and attack those that oppose them claiming that they are only looking out for themselves and that the “Alt-Left,” which may actually be Jesus people, and the “AntiFa,” Anti-Fascists, for any one who does not get the joke, the “Anti-Fa” is fighting the Fascist to protect the people the fascists are trying to stomp out through any means, including extreme violence. We had that happen in the past, during WWII the Anti-Fascist military forces attacked the Fascist forces of Mussolini, Hitler and Emperor Hirohito. These folks covering those that hate are laughing in the face of those that defend them, or rather with them because they seem to be all in on the joke. For people of color and Liberals, whose political philosophy is grounded on ideas of liberty and equality, this is alarming and at times paralyzing, they expect dignity to be the driving force of human interaction. The fascists expect the world to follow their rules, or the consequences will always be harsh and deadly as we are now seeing and experiencing.