By Landscape Latino Staff

Adriana Gallardo is one of the most successful businesswomen from Latin America in USA. Adriana created her own insurance company, Adriana’s Insurance, which has 50 offices in Southern California, one of the largest companies of its kind. Adriana also founded Resulta2 her own advertising company created to help Latinos to manage their business’ image, just as she does with her own. Adriana also owns her beauty salon VIVE.

Ms Gallardo is now expanding her business to reality television through “Despegando con Adriana Gallardo.” According to a press release, the auditions for Despegando con Adriana Gallardo, started this week, the new reality show will support all the entrepreneurs and Latin dreamers by making their personal and career plans a reality come true. The estimated amount of the aid offered by Adriana to all the contestants will be over $500,000. This new reality show will air through The successful businesswoman with Mexican roots, along her expert panel, will welcome the participants who come carrying with initiatives and ideas to develop their own business and their dreams. Through the show they will elaborate their own plans to KICK OFF (DESPEGAR), along Adriana’s support and her team.
All the participants will submit their 5 minutes video, where they tell their personal story, their life and work dreams, besides their expectations to accomplish through the program. Adriana will personally evaluate these videos, and with the program advisory team, will choose the contestants. Throughout the show, Adriana will be joined by celebrities, experts and professionals who will serve as “mentors” to help participants to KICK OFF (DESPEGAR).

This is not just a reality show, this initiative is a plan to support all Latinos who want to move forward with their business ideas and achieve their dreams; this is a space for the Latino community in the United States to witness the stories of their people, and realize how through initiative and the right support, the most ambitious plans and dreams can become a reality.

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