By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

Independent Filmmaking is a very difficult endeavor. For those that decide that this is an opportunity for their voice to be heard and their stories to be told, the American Film Market,, launches this week, November 4 – 11 in Santa Monica, CA and is produced by the Independent Film and Television Alliance and whose focus is to connect all professionals of this creative industry who may not have the network necessary to create their project.

This is the AFM promotional video from 2014;

The American Film Market has created a platform for these folks to meet and network and also to gain a greater understanding of their chosen profession. I have attended AFM for several years now and one thing I can tell you is to make sure you understand why you are coming. If you are here with a project or a product and want to make a deal, do you have all the elements necessary that will entice your prospective partners? I have seen too many people wandering in and out of the lobby unprepared and overhyped. This market is a crucial space for the independents if you still don’t think so, take a look a their board members and executive committee,, many of them also have a strong studio background which can help bridge the divide between independently financed films and studio financed films.

See you there…