Constantine, Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are some of the most iconic and fun TV show in the English-speaking world, well here comes “Diablero.” The stylized look and music gives us a modern feel and its location is spectacular and a place where something like this probably could very likely happen; Mexico City. If you truly want to enjoy the story, Spanish would be a must, but most importantly the insight into the superstitious beliefs of the Mexican people, especially that of the big city. Mexico City is host to close to 9 million people and over 21 million people lived in the metro area in 2016. As a comparison, the most populated county in the US is Los Angeles County with over 10 million people.

Spoiler alert; “Diablero” is the story of a Demon Hunter searching for the daughter of a priest, and another more important soul, his sister’s son. The beauty of this show is that it embraces the extremes of faith and the grittiness of Mexico city. It does not run away from the ancient beliefs of the faith of the Mexican people and explores the thought that Angels left Mexico city because of the sins of the inhabitants and the key to bringing back the Angels to Mexico is Mayeken; its all in the name. It is also a conviction of those that lead the Catholic faithful.

The locations in the story gives us an opportunity to experience the melancholic paradise and fearful place that Mexico can be and the characters in the story are played expertly by Horacio Garcia Rojas, Fatima Molina, Giselle Kuri, Cassandra Iturralde and Christopher Von Uckermann. They play their roles joyfully and as authentically as they can which makes the story not only scary but fun. It’s obvious that they are onboard for the ride of their lives and they are inviting us to do the join them.

There is also an underlying message of female strength that is counter cultural to a Mexican macho culture that prides itself in being full of “chignones,” well, here the chingonas are in plain view and they play second to none.