By Polo Munoz, Food Lover

Los Angeles is a place filled with eateries; fantastic and celebrated restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and street carts. There is a coffee shop south of Hollywood High School on Sunset Boulevard, it’s a café that waits quietly to welcome regulars and stragglers alike, a peaceful place that gallantly braves the noise of the entertainment capital of the world and gives it a moment of rest, and fits the spiritual mode of the street of broken dreams. Javista Organic Coffee Bar,, waits patiently for you. Tt has a diverse coffee and tea menu, great pastries and sandwiches, and, unlike Hollywood, the staff is pretty relaxed.

What captured my palate was their cappuccino accompanied by a toasted buttered baguette, felt like I was tasting Paris again. The intimate space is in contrast to other coffee shops that feel uncomfortable to stay in for more than what it would take to eat the meal. Their small patio allows diners to feel the energy of Sunset Boulevard with its strange strangers and its fashionista youth prancing up and down the street to their auditions or their gigs. Their prices are reasonable and there is plenty of street parking, although limited to one hour, or two hours if you are lucky. Javista Coffe Bar is located at 6707 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 and its open from 7AM-7PM, enjoy your visit, you deserve it.