By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Strategic thinking seems to be lacking in the upcoming administration, and this will mean that billions of dollars will be wasted and possibly many lives may be lost because of the inability for the new leaders to manage their emotions. They seem to be bent on making sure others know they are in power and also blaming their ineptitude on the people that voted for them. What could go wrong? Everything will go wrong. Violence always starts with people feeling slighted by those that they did not expect it from. The president elect is well knows for his lack of elegance and disdain for diplomacy, as a private businessman, people seem to feel refreshed at the entry levels of business because it is seen as honest and raw, but in the militarized circles of professional politics, this is dangerous and reckless. The incoming administration seems hell bent in creating a further rift with China and align itself with Russia by any means necessary, and the Republicans that at one time were the most staunch opponents and proud guardians of US independence and proud of its power, both economic and military, seem to be craving for the opportunity to collaborate with the former head of the KGB.

Part of the work of covert operations, outside of the greatly exaggerated capacities of operators depicted in Hollywood films, is to target hearts and minds of their enemies in quiet and stealthy campaigns. These type of warfare has been the hallmark of some US diplomacy. Dr. Gregory Treverton, Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, stated; “think of Intelligence as about storytelling, it’s about creating and adjusting stories in the heads of people that have to act.” The people that had to act this past election cycle were those that would elect the next president of the United States. Foreign intelligence fed them many stories, all that guided the choice of folks that already had a narrative in their heart that leads them to dislike, distrust or simply hate, those folks that do not look, act or worship like them. Now, those that represent these confused voters, are rallying recklessly around their reckless and lazy leader, a president elect that talks about a nuclear race as if he was just trying to bully a contractor that he refuses to pay because, he just feels like it. The willingness of the elected officials to join and rejoice in the election of a person so disconnected from diplomatic reality is very problematic, even before his ascending into the presidency, which some have compared it to a throne, he has already placed this country and its people in harms ways and has begun to create a cult of personality that would give him the opportunity to treat the elected position as a position through which he can make despotic choices, many of them meant to punish those that hurt his feelings, as he has already attacked the business community.