By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

As they say, and I really don’t know who “they” are, “the proof is in the pudding.” The claims of racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc., by the group of people most affected by it are largely ignored, laughed at, and ultimately dismissed by folks who ultimately claim innocence and redemption. There is a certain “Americanism” that encourages denying certain folks their rights and promotes tolerance and at times celebrates the willingness of the general population to ignore the sufferings of others and embrace human rights violations as part of the “American” system, it has even become a matter of pride for many. We see it, we ignore it, we keep on trucking, even if we are destroying ourselves from within. We are creating a system that justifies the alienation and destruction of other citizens that do not see it our way, or we just feel are not deserving.

These same folks that ignore the injustices done to others, are now proposing and moving forward the injustice perpetrated by a foreign actor, Russia. They, incredulously, support the messaging they are receiving from foreign governments against their own, they are ignoring and deriding the evidence brought out by US citizens that are trained and that are charged with the protection of the sovereignty of the US and calling into question the work of professionals that risk their lives to make sure we go about our days as carefree as we can be and pursue our happiness as promised by the US constitution. Certain media outlets have played a role in creating a public that distrusts every institution that is supposed to protect and support them, they have become the confusing minstrels that the public listens to and follows when their personal agenda is given a green light to expose itself. Once the Racist Alt-Right/White Supremacist groups and individuals felt safe and sheltered that they could profess and execute organized violence, they did and they are. The folks that support foreign counter intelligence and/or violence to be perpetrated in this country, do not do it because they want to live under authoritarian control, they do it because they feel they will be part of the authoritarian masters and others will be under their boots, where they always felt they should have been. They want to be the royals that can, once again, step on people as they feel they should in order to create a world that they can claim and form as to their own likeness.

There are no winners here, despotic rule leads to violence and destruction, there are no winners. There is too much recent evidence that countries like the United States can be undone in a generation by allowing confused-greedy men to destroy what has been gained over two centuries. This is just the beginning of a new painful leap, and hopefully that leap will lead to a better civilization, that will be the work of those that believe in the basic human rights of every living human being and creature and takes a stand.