By Hipolito Navarrete, Publisher/Managing Editor

Jason Bourne, the uncompromising hero, patriot, citizen and protector. He is representative of the ultimate soldier with the most compelling reason to be a victim even though he is an assassin, he does not know what he does, well in the new film, Jason Bourne, he learns everything, and now he finally gets to be conscious of his choices. This is the film you want to see if you love cars being destroyed, people being killed and crap blown up. My 14-year-old nephew loved it, now if I can get him to read the books, I would buy him the whole series.

There is something very Americana about this film. The manner in which he asserts violence with extreme accuracy is typical of these types of films and he only does it because he has to, very Hollywood Anti-Hero stereotypical film. The level of distrust for the establishment drives the main story including through those characters which we are encouraged to trust, this how the set up for betrayal is devastating.

Jason Bourne, seems to be the transition to the non-Damon specific character, now we know that is a code name, just like James Bond, check out the initials, but not in a British, well financed and fully supported, he is government created, but now free from the shackles of his handlers, he is in pursuit of recovering his identity and avenging his father.

As the story evolves past the current iteration, it will be interesting to see if it is going to be able to last as long as the other JB films. Is it going to continue to escalate the violent nature of the American (by this I mean US) hero, or is he evolving into a more compassionate bloke who sees his chance to change a corrupt system and will try to change? With extreme violence, probably.