By Hipolito Navarrete, Publisher/Managing Editor

When he finally spoke to the audience his words were those of a musician and performer, a rocker who had evolved and learned to really enjoy his experience and seems to really grasp the enormity of what he and his mates have accomplished in his long career, “thank you for taking the time of your busy day and braving the LA traffic to join us,” Axel Rose, is now an example of what is like to follow your path, fall into the pitfalls created by him and others around him, and bounce back at a level that frankly is admirable.

The show was unforgettable, Guns and Roses came out to prove nothing to anyone, but just to share their art at a level seldom seen. The show was augmented by the pyrotechnics, but not overshadowed by them; the music was the center stage. The incredible Slash was in the background without being a background player, he just played and accompanied his musical partners in such a subtle but powerful manner that it never overshadowed, but certainly augmented the splendid music that has made Guns and Roses such a staple of the musical diet for many of their fans.

Their music is a gift, a melodic riff that exploit the emotions of their audience and helps them find those moments that are difficult to reach without an outside source. The choice of songs mesmerized the audience through shared moments with the whole group. There are things one cannot experience unless they are in the same space as the source; this was very obvious at the concert. The audience sang along and in tune with a mindful Axel and accompanied by Slash it felt for many moments that we were sharing the stage.

Guns and Roses have found their groove and they are very happy and grateful to share it, and their fans are the winners.