By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

So for about 20 minutes Ryan Reynolds leads us through a very confusing, yet fascinating, scene that destroys Florence and although they hit cars, people (whose apparently steel sealed bodies never break) and more buildings. The “story” may have been shot during a moment when all the military props used in other Michael Bay films were available. Right, I forgot, “6 Underground,” now streaming on Netflix, was directed by Michael Bay, once you realize that, the film makes sense. If you enjoyed the Transformers, especially Bumblebee, which I did… you will enjoy the film, even if you don’t like it.

Ryan Reynolds keeps us wondering what the heck is he going to say next. The colorful visuals keep our eyes excited and alert and the music plays to the middle school dialogue. Although they are not supposed to watch this film due to its R rating, this film was made just for them. The cast is also very much in concordance with who you would want to see execute the mission. The best way to understand it is to watch it, it is not for children, but make sure you make pop corn and cider, and think Michael Bay as you watch it, and “Deadpool” for Ryan Reynold’s character to make sense, or may be the real Ryan if he had all those qualities and money to do something like this in real life.

So this film cost around 150 million dollars to produce, that’s all I have to say about that. Obviously Ryan Reynolds learned how to be an action actor in “Deadpool” and this may have been the reason he is playing “1,” in this “story.”Again, watch the film, its fascinating, not sure I liked it though… still unclear about that, but I am that film goer that does get intrigued when I hear that Bay produced or directed a film, yes I pay for the ticket to see these much derided storytellers’ films.

It seems that in all his films, Michael Bay wants the audience to be ahead of the “story,” so he tells you everything through narration and exposition, but its all so fascinating that you keep watching, again, out of fascination. And yes, the music is straight out of Transformers, yes, I said that.

This is a splashy, comedyesque, action film that will certainly earn Netflix its money back and bring them more subscriptions; and for the producers and distributors, that is the perfect film, and also for middle schoolers.

Unlike many other films that gave us the American hero mythology; this film is no  American hero film. The heroes in this action fable are cosmopolitan; as American as its Canadian leading actor.