Hipolito Navarrete. Managing Editor/Publisher

With all of the evidence that Candidate for President Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States of America, why are so many people still ignoring his dangerous outbursts and his proclivity for violence? Is there something that his fans, are not seeing or understanding? Do they not get that the danger of his possible presidency also includes them as probable victims? It’s difficult to tell, unless one decides to go to the lowest common denominator of racists, misogynistic blind followers with no iota of dignity, but that is not really the truth. It’s much more complicated and obfuscated than that, we just don’t know what that is.


Growing up in the 80’s in South Central Los Angeles, there was a sense of betrayal some of the older folks expressed of the government. There was a terrible sense of being abandoned, and left to die in the streets and in isolation and in despair. There we were trying to fulfill the promise of Dr. King and of the local leaders. There had been a riot or uprising, depending where you lived. That agonizing despair and sense of isolation, is now being felt by the community that has been benefiting from the violent and non-violent measures that allowed them to live their “American Dream” in exclusivity and as whole. There was no need to celebrate one person in the family who graduated from high school and going off to college, it was expected. Those that did not go to college they were certainly the ones that could turn to immediate and/or extended family to get a good job and raise a family, if that was the choice.

In South LA, most of my African-American neighbors did not have that network; neither did the new Latino community that was being encouraged to move in by the Real Estate cartel of the time. Does that sound conspiratorial, do some research.


So here we are trying to figure out how Trump got so many supporters and backers from a sensible, rational, educated population. There are many theories, but there is no time to investigate that until after the elections. With a large amount of Bernie Sanders supported who rather be ruled by Trump than by Hillary Clinton, we may be on our own. For once, we need to understand the endgame if Trump wins. If he wins, we all lose, because in his scarred and singed mind, we are all losers.