By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Politics is defined as the activities associated with the governance of a country, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power. The power the policy arm of those that want to control the financing of programs that affect all people in the country. When folks attack a policy maker, they attack the policies that may create a perceived or real harm to them, because ideology drives the actions taken to achieve the results they crave.

The Trump administration is executing orders based on the philosophy and psychology of both Trump and his close confidant Steve Bannon. It is obvious now that the new president has no idea what he has won and is acting on a set of mores based on how he runs his business, thoughtlessly. The Trump organization is mired in lawsuits because of the reckless manner in which the organization flaunts business ethics and laws. They seem to feel comfortable to use their cadre of lawyers as a blunt instrument to intimidate those that would challenge their actions. This mannerism seems to have accompanied Trump into the White House as President, a public service position. Here is where things should get hairy for the new administration and its leadership team, the citizenry, can afford to support a cadre of its own lawyers to make sure that the rule of law rather than the rule of dictatorship wins.

There are many voices that were remarkably loud against private emails, financial ties to the private industry, making sure that their religious values are considered, are now off the radar. They are not anywhere near the center of what is happening because of unveted executive orders that are being only considered through a small group of people who have shown to have controversial views about those they consider inferior because of their skin color or their religious faith. The flawed logic that is being used to push out discriminatory policy will only result in the types of demonstrations that are now being seen throughout the United States, which is how this country was born. These proclamations seem to have brought the country out of a stupor that allowed the democratic process to be part of the tools used by the new administration to be elected. What is now in play is the transformation of the greatest democracy on earth to become the most feared and ruthless oppressive state on earth. I trust the citizens; they are now fully awake and are becoming fully engaged.