The award-winning documentary “Dolores” about farm worker leader Dolores Huerta is among the films screening at this year’s Chicano International Film Festival this weekend in Los Angeles.

The festival will take place at Saturday Nov. 11 from 10 am to 11:30 pm at Plaza de la Raza in the community of Lincoln Height.

Actors Kyle Devero and Carlos Moreno Jr. in ‘Panacea.’

Among the films premiering at CHIFF 2017 are “En Paz Descanse,” “Here in the East,” and “They Call Me Tiger King,” according to the festival’s official website. The festival will also feature CHIFF 2016’s winning feature “I Am Gangster” by director Moritz Rechenberg.

Other films in this year program includes the documentary short “Matriarchy” by Patricia Zamorano and Rosa Navarrete, and the dramatic short “Panacea” by Carlos Moreno Jr., according to posts published by the filmmakers on their Facebook pages.

The festival organizers also announced via Facebook the screening of “Badger Creek,” a documentary short about Native American life that centers on three generations of a Blackfeet family living on a Montana reservation.

These films are among the nearly 100 films, most of them shorts, participating this year, according to festival director James Gutierrez. In a video published on the fest’s Facebook page, Gutierrez says the program will include about half a dozen full features. He adds some of the films will be from Sudamerica, China and Russia, CHIFF will also present musical performances and art exhibits.

The Altons will perform at CHIFF.

Gutierrez also announced that Dolores Huerta will be attending the fest to participate in question-and-answer session. “Dolores” screened at the Sundance Film Festival and has won about seven prizes in U.S. festivals.

CHIFF was founded in 1995 to offer a platform for Los Angeles filmmakers, according to Gutierrez.

Admission is free. Plaza de la Raza is located at 3540 N. Mission Rd., Los Angeles, California 90031.

For more information, call (323) 457-3728 or visit

Check out the trailer of “Badger Creek” below.