By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

On a Sunday morning, after a peaceful protest, a group of 150 armed Anglo men decided to continue their protest against the US government and took over a wildlife reserve through armed means, well the reserve was empty, no humans were hurt in the process. Many people of color and those that respect them are sort of surprised by this event, but the most flagrant evidence of unequal treatment under the law is that there are no comments being made from those politicians and pundits that had a lot to say about Ferguson and other cities where people of color held protests seeking justice. Many folks are shaking their heads because of the lack of aggressive vocal response from some of the “mainstream” media and the public safety agencies, why is this so different?

The lack of representation of people of color throughout these organizations, media and public safety, at the decision making level is the reason there is little or no condemnation on this action. Many, not all, Anglo folks sympathize and empathize with these “patriots” because they understand them and feel a certain empathy for their “plight.” They know some one like these folks intimately, they are “family.” These “patriots” will respond to an armed response with gusto, because although we would think that if the government forces intervened to protect the interests and safety of the public in this carefully planned “insurgence” there would be a blood bath, in fact, more likely there will be a negotiation, because the militia members remind those in control of the public safety agencies of their family members. The militia members know this. They understand the frustrations of those that are mounting the “assault.” They remind them of their “crazy” uncle, their messed up cousin, the misguided father, the angry brother or their foolish buddy, so compassion will drive and guide the public safety officials to investigate all opportunities for a peaceful resolution. The safety of all will be foremost in their mind. Not the response that a person of color, especially those black-pigmented folks would expect. If the militia was incorporated and the ranks were filled by people of color, a blood bath would follow with gusto. We all know that.

There are many “rules” in sales that are preached openly and innocently enough, as an example, a primal sales rule is that “people buy from people they trust, and they generally trust someone that looks like them.” Get the message? These folks that are flaunting their freedom in open carry states, would be the same folks that would shoot a person of color, especially a black person dead where they stand, if they were to walk around with a weapon in the open, because they do not trust persons of color. They have been taught to believe that they are in danger of the folks that they have been taught to vilify and have been encouraged to be “safe than sorry” because it is easier than to understand the “others” choices or their plights.

There are so many hurts and fears that are being brought to the surface because of the change in demographics in the United States, and fear and revenge are the motivators that drive these types of events. We are at a crossroads, we are in a, pardon the pun, Mexican stand off and we are all going to lose if we do not put our guns away.