By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

The political discourse is getting violent, well, if you take into account Donald Trump’s candidacy seriously, you can say it is already violent. Many folks are in shock about his popularity and they lack understanding on why there are so many folks that are willing to follow and act upon the wishes of someone who does not appear to understand their struggles. In fact, I think he does, that is why he is able to manipulate his message and he also knows that although he understands them, he will never suffer the fate of those that are underwater in their mortgages, have no one giving them prospects and seem to have to struggle daily to make ends meet.

Donald Trump, has been broke several times, and he used those stories to become a mythic character. He forced those that won’t listen to the typical blue collar person, the financial institutions, to bail him out or they would also be destroyed along him. So Trump does understand them, where the mistake from those that follow him is, they think he cares for them. This is where he gets his support,from those that feel the world has vilified them just because they are blue collar workers, poor but not poor enough. Trump does not get much support from the true conservatives who have considered their political positions and are mostly about fiscal responsibility.

Trump’s followers just want some type of relief and a minority are also looking for revenge from those that they feel took what is justly theirs; those that don’t look like them, the “others.” Those others sometimes end up in Trump’s “political” gatherings and have been violently ejected or hurt because Trump has created a safe space for racism and revenge.

Bernie Sanders understood this when he addressed those that are now feeling the extremism is the only voice they have. They feel that the squeaky wheel gets the attention so they decided to get their bullhorn out, maybe they were right about the squeaky wheel. If Trump would not be in the race, would they have been listened to?