By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

R.L. Stine is certainly a name recognized all over the world by children who love to be scared. What would happen if all the characters in his book series, “Goosebumps,” would actually come together under the treacherous puppet/dummy, Slappy. The film is fun and will probably reintroduce the book series to a new generation of children and also to those of us who missed the series as children, all four of us.

The beauty of the Goosebumps stories is that they are scary and fun. The film captures the spirit of the stories in a very authentic fashion. Mr. Shriver, the fictional name R.L. Stein uses in the film, lives alone with his daughter, Hannah who will be a great surprise, in order to protect the world from his mind. Even though he has sold over 400 million copies, he is still upset that Stephen King, is more recognized and respected by the adult literati.

The film is not just a fun ride; it connects us to a childhood where books are vehicles for great stories that filled us with wonder and fear, innocent fear. The film is for the whole family, children will start reminiscing with the adults and each other about the books they have read, I saw this happen in the lobby of the theatre where I watched the film, and I also observed a family leaving the theater with the kids begging to be taken a the bookstore to see what books they have missed. So, don’t miss the film, its scary inspirational.