By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

The final showcase of the Politically InCorrect movement has now arrived. He showed up at the foot of the White House surrounded and supported by those that long for the days of cruelty, misogyny, racism and violence. He has laughed about killing people in time square, denounced folks because of their nationality, color of skin, humiliated the handicapped,  has called for physical violence against others and now he has been accused of committing sexual crimes, after he said he had the opportunity to act in a predatory manner, in his work environment. Today, there are still Christian Evangelicals, who feel all of these elements of a life lived in a bubble, can be ignored, because the hate… just because they hate.

We have been conditioned to look at our emotional state as the compass for the truth, not for what it truly can be, a blinding moment of irrational and irresponsible confusion. We have been encouraged to “just say it” without considering the consequence to others and to selves. There are now children who are attacking other children, and expect that those being attacked applaud them. There are adults who are searching for those that their hate is longing for, and attacking them, just because… just because. We are not in a house divided; we are in a house confused. We are in a house that has allowed some of the unhinged to thrive because it was uncomfortable to engage and clarify.

So what has happened that led to this situation of violent tendencies and unsavory characters running the house? We allowed it. We said nothing, we chuckled and we walked away. We figured it was not worth it, and now we are paying the price. There is a very real danger that even if presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wins, or because of it, there may be unrest by those that feel their ability to abuse others will be checked. There is also the very reality that if she loses and the clowns are able to legitimize their position, there will still be violence, unless it is checked, now.

How will we continue to survive in a planet full of angry, disdainful, dismissive folks? By listening and living with each other daily, we will learn to appreciate each other and each other’s place in our society. We also need to stand up to the voice of the aggressive, the uninformed and the unhinged, and that could be the same person. Those that make up stories and fabricate lies from pseudo-facts. We must again, develop an inquisitive and confident response to the possibility ideas that are still not facts, yes one day pigs may fly, but not in this moment. It has taken, again, the courage of an Athlete, to wake us up and stand our ground to those that would kill because they are afraid.