By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

The beautiful voice of this hidden treasure reminds me why we must continue to expand our pursuit of different voices. There is so much to learn about family, transparency, kindness and true love for work and people.

The challenges that we all have experienced every day in our lives are told in this funky comedy and yes, my grandmother used to own a grocery store in Mexico, so I relate. I have met some of these folks in my family… and they are all Mexican, so the universality of the story is authentic and you will experience that feeling also. The beauty of the show is that it provides us with another opportunity to see people act as they would every day, nothing fantastic or marvelous, just being themselves.

The complexity of our lives have been set aside and dismissed by those that just want to see enemies, those that want to see those that are invading their space, their world.

This beautifully produced and acted TV series must be watched, not explained. These are so many beautifully represented folks with all their deficits and details. Mr. Kim’s perspective and voice is that of my father and mother and all other immigrants who are always struggling to live in a world they are not exactly accepted in, but understand their environment better than people want them to.

There are many comedies that try and give us the insights of people that are misunderstood, yet I have not just found a comedy that gives us an opportunity to just listen and explore a show that will help normalize folks from different cultures co-exist, appreciate and respect each other and we can laugh at our situations.

In the toxic environment that is being created, these stories are not only amazing, but they are necessary for all of us to get to know each other better. Just as we have been fed a steady diet of what folks consider a general audience stories, we need to make opportunities for all of us so that we get to have a more accurate understanding of who we can be, so that we can find each other and be curious about each other and if we don’t like each other, at least we will know each other better.

But…. regardless of anything else that you may have read…. the show is funny…. very funny, and that in itself is a great reason to watch it.